My Very First Blog Post

After years of doing my makeup daily, I decided to create a blog. It will have swatches, first impressions, face of the days, and reviews. I am by no means a makeup artist or particularly good at application. But I’m learning.


The first photo is a filtered pic from March of 2014 on my Instagram, and on the second photo is an unfiltered photo from last week. I am by no means a professional, or even necessarily good at what I do.

So why do I wear makeup?

I’ve gotten so used to doing my makeup everyday and it definitely has become the most calming part of my routine. It is also the only hobby I’ve actually gotten better at. I mean, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but progress is progress.

After years of hating myself because I couldn’t look like all the pretty girls on the internet, makeup became my safe haven where I could both be myself and not look like my natural self. I also learned how to take more flattering selfies, even if it’s not how I look in real life.


I love makeup and talk about it all the time. Unfortunately for me, no one in my personal life has any interest in it. So, here we are.

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